To live, learn and work

Welcome everybody
Interested in living and working in our community as a volunteer ? Feel our warm welcome!


Just a few words about us for a start.

Our community has just been recently founded and is very open minded. We have been living on our grounds of the “Domaine de Montgrenier” since December 2017. With the spirit of pioneers and a lot of enthusiasm we – 10 to 15 people aged between 3 and 73 (most between 40 and 65 years) – are exploring and developing our new living space together.

Our biological farm is situated on the beautiful southern slope of the Malpère hills between Carcassonne (25 km) and Limoux (13km) in the Aude district. Our estate consists of 4 buildings, one of which we let to guests. Our surroundings are quiet and green. Walking on forest trails or cykling along winding little traffic free roads you will discover beautiful and varied natural and cultural sights – ancient castles from the times of the Cathars for instance or beautiful little villages perched on the top of hills overlooking vinyards, the Pyrenees in the far distance ...

Our grounds stretch over 86 hectars, two thirds of which consist of forest. We are in the process of creating a large and varied vegetable garden. Fruit and nut trees are being planted in some of the fields. Other areas are being prepared to be used for biological crops and grazing. As a volunteer you will be living with us and can participate in the following activities:


  • In the vegetable garden
  • In the fields
  • Working on the maintance of our surroundings
  • Construction and conservation of parts of our buildings
  • Carpenter activities
  • Building of paths and working in the forest
  • Helping with household chores
  • Using free space for individual creative projects (a tree house perhaps ?...)


3 weeks or more

Living space

  • In a shared bedroom
  • In a tent
  • Communal kitchen : We prepare two meals a day. Breakfast will be provided. We are happy for you to help with the cooking or to broaden our culinary spectrum.


  • We can host 3 volunteers at a time.


We offer you to share a room with us where you can play music (300 instruments from all over the world to try out!), dance or watch films. We also have workshop space and a large library. Plus you can gain experience in living together as a community.


We speak French, German, English and Spanish.

Further remarks

  • We are particularly happy with volunteers who have skills in carpentry, masonry, gardening and cooking.

  • Montgrenier cannot be reached by public transport. We offer a driving service that will fetch you at the train station in Carcassonne or Limoux.

  • You will have to organise your own insurance.

Live and work with us as a volunteer.

We look forward to getting to know you. Tell us your desired dates and write something about yourself that motivates you to join us, what you want to contribute or what you would like to learn. We will then let you know whether there are still places available in the time you have requested and in which areas we need concrete support.

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