Living Together in a New Way

Mongrenier Collective




We are very happy to inform interested people about the current situation of the project: "living together in a new way".


For almost 6 years the group has been living on the wonderful Mongrenier farm in the southwest of France.



A year ago we were looking for new participants, also in the form of a whole group. And such a group soon joined us, she wanted to take over the project and lived with us on the farm for 7 months. Unfortunately, she missed all the purchase dates and had to move on.


Now we are again addressing all seriously interested people at this point:



- Are you looking for a place, alone or with a group, where your vision of sustainable living can take    root?



We hold this beautiful place, which is made ready for a collective life, because it makes sense to change with each other from the globalised economy to a local cooperation.



We will gladly send you the documentation with our concrete attractive offer.


August 2023