Sale of shares in Société Civile Immobilière SCI NOS GRENIERS 

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  • Fixed costs of the SCI, a list 


The shares in our SCI that have been approved for sale are available at a total price of approximately EUR 470,000. With 40,000 shares (€1 each), you will already become a full-fledged SCI member and will have the right to vote in all decisions concerning the property. 

The SCI must continue to exist for the time being. Their articles of association can be amended after the acquisition of the shares, the gérants (directors) can be replaced. 

The total SCI has a subscribed share capital of €960,000 = 960,000 share certificates.  


Description: see also 3 separate documents with many photos 

The SCI owns the magnificent Domaine de Mongrenier, beautifully situated in a quiet landscape with view of the whole chain of the Pyrenees, in the department of AUDE in the OCCITANIE, south-west France. 

It is located 20 km south of the historic city of Carcassonne and 14 km north of Limoux. In addition to cultural offerings and shopping facilities, Carcassonne has several hospitals as well as international rail connections. In Limoux there are, among other things, very good shopping facilities, a high school, medical care (emergency ambulance within 12 minutes). All around super nice bike rides. No street noise, no power lines, no buildings in front of the view! 

The domain includes 

4 large building complexes – 3 residential buildings and a two-storey farm building, completely new sewage system, large swimming pool. 

85 hectares of land (30 hectares of fields, certified organic; 55 hectares of oak forests) 

The properties included in the price are therefore very numerous. In the fully furnished guest house, we run a lucrative tourism business.  In addition, there is a large number of movables at everyone’s disposition (tools, equipment, machines, irrigation systems, and much more) 

Besides, no one should underestimate the great work that has already been done with the establishment of the 3 legal companies (SCI, SCEA and the works association). They are all notarized and officially registered. 

Today, the Domaine presents itself with certified organic fields, lush gardens, a greenhouse, a chicken coop, a reconstructed ruin and an annex. 

We have completely renewed the wastewater treatment plant for the capacity of all houses. The roof of the large barn building has been repaired. 

Annual fixed costs of the total SCI :  

Real estate tax 10'000 € 

Buildings insurance € 2,600 

Professional accountant 650 €                                                                                                                                                  


Amortization and interest payment of a bank loan of €2,600 per month. Paid off in full in May 2033. 


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Documentation of Mongrenier



this great property in the southwest of France:


Beautifully situated with a view of the Pyrenees