How our community emerged


Repeated experiences with people who are in danger of drowning in isolation lead the founders to the idea of founding a multi-generation community, where old and young work together in a natural way and where through our diversity we relieve and support each other. Our shared enthusiasm inspires and promotes growth from its very own source! These ideas are quickly accepted and lead to a first meeting with like-minded people.


Now monthly meetings take place on the topic "Living together in a new form". Soon there will be over 70 people from different generations in the card index and the atmosphere at the meetings will be filled with the common need for friendly coexistence and the desire for relief for people and the environment. A new WE is developing among us. The power of the heart becomes stronger with each meeting.


After a long search it becomes clear that such a project is very expensive in Switzerland and it is almost impossible to buy a property with farmland. Now the focus is on France. Not everyone is ready for this step of leaving Switzerland, the group divides. Near Carcassonne (southern France), a property called "Font de l'Orme" sparks the courage to emigrate in the hearts of a pioneer group. From then on it meets - reduced to a dozen - as a "France group" and grows together to form a larger unit. At the beginning of 2017, a decision is made to expand the group.

MARCH 2017

In response to various advertisements, more than 50 new people visit the presentation of the project on one weekend. More than 20 of them join the founders’ group! To everyone's great surprise, the new and the old quickly merge together to form a stable association. As if they had known each other for much longer! The sentence "Those who are there are the right ones" becomes a noticeable strength and gives confidence in the process and our inner guidance. Once again it becomes apparent how great the need for community life is!

APRIL 2017

The estate "Font de l'Orme" is suddenly no longer for sale. A delegation travels again to France and discovers the Mongrenier property. The enthusiasm for it is enormous and the resulting concrete work on the purchase brings the participants together breathtakingly fast.

MAY 2017

After a second group has visited Mongrenier and is completely convinced of it, the decision is made to purchase the property and found an SCI (Société civile immobilière).

JUNE 2017

Foundation of SCI, conclusion of pre-purchase agreement The foundation of a cooperative for the business to come is laid. Procurement of the remaining purchase amount.


The first ones move to France. For the time being as tenants.

DECEMBER 1, 2017

The sales contract has been signed. The estate Mongrenier now belongs to our SCI.


Other community members move to France and furnish their rooms and the common rooms. The guest house is set up and we start in agriculture.