"Why are you here?" we are often asked by people who contact us as interested contributors.

There are probably as many reasons as there are people here.  A common underlying motive is:


We are firmly of the opinion that the state of the world requires new forms of living where various resources are being shared.  Living this way makes sense to us and is therefore satisfying.


Here we are now calling for new contributors with the same view and who, in addition, have already decided to act accordingly and want to share their resources.


This means that the responsibility for one's life, eating, living, working, travelling, learning, developing, health, ....., remains with you.

Whether the food is more delicious, whether the living is nicer, whether the work is easier, whether the learning is faster, whether the health returns, whether the costs are cheaper - it all depends on the people who are here. So first and foremost it depends on you, just as it did before.


But of course it is obvious in many ways that we share our resources. 10 people don't have 10 cars. 10 people don't cook 2 meals every day. 10 people have more than 1 opinion. 10 people bought 1 domaine and not 10 !

And it is beautifully located and has a lot of potential.


We find that living according to our sense is a joy.