Encounter Days

The meeting days are aimed exclusively at people who are interested in joining the collective. They are aimed at people who have experience of life, who have both feet on the ground and who not only have a dream, but also the means to realise it.

21 August 2021, 2 p.m.

Dear people interested in our project


We would like to welcome you on Saturday 21/08/2021. We are a 'welcoming committee' of three people who will give you an introduction to our history as a collective and our conditions of admission. A guided tour of the buildings and grounds will be included, of course, as well as communal meals.


We will start at 14.00 so that everyone has enough time to arrive.


If you want to stay overnight, there are plenty of places for tents or camper vans. Unfortunately we do not have any rooms available.


Please register in writing at least one week before the event.


We are looking forward to seeing you.
See you soon
Bettina, Herbie, Béatrice and the Mongreniards