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Documentation for the sale of the Société Civile Immobilière SCI NOS GRENIERS. 



We give priority in the purchase to a group of people who wish to continue a collective life on the Domaine. For such a way of life, a lot of preparatory work has been done and the new group can benefit from the material included in the purchase price. The legal forms have also been established and registered (real estate company SCI; agricultural company SCEA; operating association Association); all statutes can be amended. The sometimes very tedious administrative work for notarisation as well as the authorisation for subsidies in organic farming have thus been done. 



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A ) Price 


B ) Ownership 


C ) Duties 


D ) Movables included in the price 


E ) Fixed costs of the SCI, a list followed by many photos 




A ) Price 


Sale of SCI for a total price of € 1.85 million. (Negotiated price) 


The SCI must continue to exist. Its articles of association can be changed after the takeover, and the directors can be replaced. 


With a purchase, its ownership and debts (a bank loan: can be taken over or discharged) change to the new shareholders. 


B ) Ownership of SCI:  


Owned by SCI is the magnificent, beautifully situated Domaine de Mongrenier with views of the Pyrenees, in the department of AUDE in OCCITANIE, South West France. 


It is located 20 km south of the historic city of Carcassonne and 14 km north of Limoux. Carcassonne has, apart from cultural and shopping facilities, several hospitals and an international railway connection. In Limoux there are very good shopping facilities, a grammar school, medical care (emergency ambulance within 12 minutes). Super nice cycling tours all around. No road noise, no power lines, no buildings in front of the view! 


The domain comprises: 


- 4 large building complexes - 3 dwellings and a double-storey farm building, completely new sewage system. 


- 85 hectares of land (30 h fields, certified organic; 55 h oak woods) 



  Overview building complex


Maison Principale: ( 1 ) 


Ground floor with large kitchen ca 60 m2, and back kitchen, 2 lounges, 1 office room, 1 laundry, 1 boiler room, 1 double storey living room, 1 toilet and shower. 


- 1st floor with 2 rooms of approx 32m2 each; 3 rooms of approx 16m2; 2 showers, 1 bath, 1 toilet; access to the large music room approx 50m2. 


- 2nd floor with 2 rooms each approx 32 m2; attic approx 70 m2. 


Maison Chérie (2) the fully furnished guest house  


- 6 bedrooms, 1 large kitchen-living room, 2 lounges, 1 laundry room, 3 toilets, 3 showers, private sitting area and garden. 


 Maison Guardien: ( 3 ) 


- with one flat on 3 floors of approx. 240 m2 (3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 big kitchen, 2 showers, 2 toilets. 


- Large utility rooms approx 240 m2; 2nd floor also approx 240 m2 to be converted. 


Maison Latour ( 4 ): built together with Maison Principale, with great potential for extension on 3 floors. 


La Cave: ( 5 ) 


- 2-storey farm building: upper floor as cultural room for concerts and dance, lower floor with workshop and machine room. The floors have 250 m2 each. 




Old forge: - Newly rebuilt building as living space. With large wooden terrace. 




1 wooden building insulated, with terrace (living room). 


1 wooden building with outdoor shower and dry toilet behind the main house. 


1 greenhouse 


1 chicken coop 


1 garden shed 


1 animal shed 




Large swimming pool ( 5x15m) in spacious grounds. (Currently with small repair expenses). 




85 hectares of land - 30 ha of organic agricultural fields and 55 ha of oak woods. 


2 large vegetable gardens with irrigation systems. 


1 own spring. With pumping system to the tower. 


1 large dredged pond for water reserves. 




 C ) Duties: 


The SCI has a contract with the SCEA Mongrenier, Société Civile d'Exploitation Agricole. This has the right to cultivate the fields and receive state agricultural subsidies. It is currently owed approximately €37,700. 


A prescribed forest management plan has been drawn up for the forest.  




D ) Included in the price are the movables listed here: 


In addition to all sinks and numerous built-in cupboards and lamps, the following material will be handed over inclusive: 




Guest house: All furniture! 


All furniture, linen, kitchen equipment, crockery, garden table and chairs, gas barbecue. 




Passenger car: Citroen Picasso 


1 trailer 


Kitchen and household: 


18 blue polyethylene barrels for food. 


2 ovens 


3 freezers 


4 refrigerators 


4 cooking cookers 


Various pans 


Food Supplies, frozen food (vegetables and fruit) Lamb 


500 kg spelt ; 200 durum wheat ; approx. 200 jars tomato sauce ; jams 


2 dishwashers 


2 washing machines (11kg and 4 kg ) 


Crockery and cutlery 


Lots of cleaning material, brooms, brushes, kettles, hoover 


Garden furniture: 


4 large beer tables with benches 


9 deck chairs plus 4 side tables 


various parasols plus bases 


4 wooden garden tables and benches 


5 round metal tables and chairs 




Vegetable gardens and park: 


Garden tools - kettles - barrels - watering cans - water hoses, wheelbarrows. 






Tool bench 


Many various tools 


Electric mitre saw 


Drilling machine 


Grinding machines 


2 mowers 


Building timber supplies and metal 




Living room furniture: 


Sofas and armchairs, various carpets , 1 TV 


Various tables and chairs in kitchen-dining room-culture room-library-music room-office 


4 wardrobes 




Heating supplies: 


Firewood 160 Ster 


Heating oil ...litres 




 The movables included in the price are therefore very numerous. The fully-furnished guesthouse allows for an immediate continuation of the lucrative tourism business. 


Not to be underestimated is also the great amount of work that has already been done with the foundation of the 3 legal companies (SCI, SCEA and the operating association). They have all been notarised and officially registered. 


The domain presents itself today with organic certified fields, lush gardens, a greenhouse, a chicken coop, a reconstruction of a ruin and an annex. 


The sewage treatment plant for the capacity of all houses has been completely renewed. The roof of the La Cave farm building has been repaired. 




E ) SCI fixed costs - per year: 


Taxes 10'000 € 


Building insurance 2'600 € 


Professional accountant 600 € 


Total 13'200 € 


Amortization bank loan 12x2'600 31'200 € as far as it is not paid off early. The loan can be taken over and thus reduces the sales price.



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Sale of shares of the SCI NOS GRENIERS



The owner of this great property in the southwest of France: